Two Cups, Two Spoons

(To be sung to the tune of “GRANDFATHER’s CLOCK”)

There was once a young couple who were much in love
They decided they would never part;
They were looked on with favour by the One who’s above
Who decided to give them a start.
It was not very long ‘fore a baby girl was born
On a beautiful clear Summer morn!
So they RIGHT … THEN … eternal love did vow
And to Nature’s command they would bow.

But soon some more children appeared thick and fast
And the love-nest was full to the brim!
But paycheque to the end of the month would not last,
So the future did look rather grim!
So they moved to a cottage with a well ever so deep
Where the nightingale sang them to sleep,
But the RENT … WAS … only six bob a week
So the budget they OUT now could eke!

But to do all the work with the kids and the house
In this primitive place it was hard.
When she’d fed all the kids and set trap for the mouse,
For the dishes she had no regard.
So she piled all the plates in a tower oh so high
And sat down to a hot cup of tea,
And her MAN … THEN … entered with a sigh
Very tired but so happy her to see!

With the children asleep and the lovers tucked in bed
Husband asked how he’d make morning tea.
“Why not wash just two cups and two spoons?” the wife said
Looking coy and so sweet, don’t you see?
So the husband does rise for to wash the cups and spoons
So the next day the tea he can bring;
Then he COMES … BACK and in exultation swoons,
As his dear love to him does so cling!

This couple do now on old age pension live
And the warmth of their love does still burn.
Any wrongs they have done to each other they forgive
So that walking with God they do learn.
There are times when there are dirty dishes in the sink
When the past they at times do recall:
Of two CUPS … SPOONS …that made a loving link
But the husband can now do them all!

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