The Mess

One of the laws in stern Thermodynamics
(I do not know if it’s three, if it’s six!)
It says the world always slides to disorder
(That’s why the mess we’re in has no border!)

Rules can be proved by important exceptions!
See? This our world does abound in inventions,
Such as new life that springs up from the soil,
Leading to consciousness after much toil!

Life has invented the five axis symmetry
(Crystals would deem such things just as mere bigotry!)
Starfish have conquered the law of disorder,
Primrose of victory’s one more recorder.

Living in houses we get into messes,
Some tidy humans this fact so distresses,
Husband comes home after working all day,
He does not feel like a tidying fray!

One husband thought he would study the mess:
How can a room of disorder have less?
Objects lie there with all angles haphazard
Which would look better in piles to be gathered!

Must reduce angles to naught or right angles
(Can’t have the bathrobe that from the hook dangles!)
Parallel to the walls all objects place
Small ones on larger ones pyramids trace!

Thus exit higgledy-piggledy state
To the amazement of his loving mate.
Then they embrace in a conjugal hug
(Secret of angles swept under the rug!)

Thermodynamics is not always right
Playing with angles can substitute fight!
Ninety or zero degrees, all is tidy!
Now you know how to come home every Friday!

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