The Cup of Tea

“If you made me some tea, I would be very pleased!”
Said the wife as herself in her chair she had eased,
“That’s no problem, my dear I’ll soon make you some tea!”
Said the elderly husband who leapt up with much glee.

So the kettle he took, which with water he filled,
And the rush of the water his WIFE’s nerves it stilled,
Though her thoughts soon began now to wander away
To the cards that she purchased the morning that day.

She could not now recall where these cards she had stowed,
That she needed to send for the thanks that she owed.
So she rose from her chair and she started to search;
Because friends gone unthanked would feel left in the lurch!

All the while she was searching, the kettle had boiled
Thus recalling the task in which he was embroiled.
So the teapot was filled from the caddy with tea
And the water was poured: “Tea for you and for me!”

“Shall I pour out your tea?” so the husband did ask,
He was getting so near to completing his task!
“If you would, many thanks!”, said the wife in reply
So he poured out two cups, which they’d have bye and bye.

But the cards she’d mislaid, they had not yet been found,
“I just got them today, so they must be around!”
“But our tea is poured out and it soon will get cold,
Even icebergs will form in our tea!”, husband told.

“I must find those new cards now before we have tea,
We must send off these cards by tonight, don’t you see?
Those good people who helped us, they have been so kind,
So it is only fair that the cards we must find!”

But the cards had been left on the seat of the car

And so they didn’t have to look so very far!
Then the wife said : “Oh thanks for retracing the cards!
But let’s see if the tea its own heat it still guards!”

As it happened the tea in the cups was luke warm,
Molecules in the tea now no longer would swarm!
“Could you make this my cup a bit hotter for me?
In the tea a small iceberg is starting to be!”

To the kettle the husband would now take the cup,
“There is no need to worry! I WILL heat it up!”
So with boiling hot water he warmed up the tea,
“It will now be quite hot, both for you and for me!”

But the tea in the cups had become very dark,
“It now needs some more milk, my dear love, will you hark?”
“If I add any milk it will just get too cold”
Said the husband in tones which did not sound too bold!

“Would it not be much better to make a fresh pot ,
Then our tea would be hotter than the cups that we’ve got?”
Said the husband to show ways the problem to solve,
So he bent to the task with the greatest resolve!

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