(Anapestic tetrameter)

/ v v ‘ / v v ‘ / v v ‘ / v v ‘ /

When we gaze at the sky with its myriads of stars
From AnDROmeda TO the red planet of Mars,
We do gaze into space, penetrating the past,
That’s because this our World is expanding so fast!

When we look in the distance we gaze back in time
Thus approaching the birth of our stars so sublime!
As we look ever deeper, we feel the Big Bang,
God’s creation of all gives our heart such a pang!

Fifty LIGHT-years are not truly so far away,
There we’ve searched for a planet with OUR night and day!
There is ONE solar system that seems just like ours,
It might HAVE just one planet with our days and our hours!

I am just one small speck in one vast universe,
But I live on a planet that OUR God did nurse
Through much Danger of great cataclysmic events,
Which He NOW offers TO every ONE who repents!

God did KNOW that for life we would need carbon compounds,
So the great cosmic constants He kept them within bounds
In this way these true values would cause supernovas,
Thus creating the carbon for us future rovers!

Going back fifteen billion terrestrial years
God did choose the right mix that to Him us endears!
So we thankfully now should be doing His Will,
So that God’s ancient plans we can help to fulfill!

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