Are You Sure?

Is it certain or just maybe, that I’m favoured by this lady?
Is it true that now you’re reading these few lines or are you dreaming?
How can certain be quite certain, if it’s hid behind the curtain?
Is the North Pole really there? Check it out you wouldn’t dare!

Are we living on this planet? All this doubting! Should we ban it?
Was Lucretius a great thinker? Did his mind with atoms tinker?
Julius Caesar, was he murdered? In the Senate was he cornered?
Is all History just invented, like a video that you’ve rented?

Some things are more or less certain, which is what our minds is hurting;
Was there truly n Atlantis? Pity we can find no witness!
Things are sure, though some are surer, some are rich and some are poorer!
Shall we one day then decide, which is wrong and which is right?

An event that many witnessed (men of Science or an artist?)
We’d believe as was reported, as the facts were not distorted!
The more people testify, the less likely it’s a lie,
But we’ll never reach the root, “sure” is never absolute!

To be sure’ s hundred percent, ninety nine is all we’re sent!
Are you sure that you are here? Sure enough just to be fair!
If we waited to be sure, life would be hard to endure.
Ninety nine is good enough, all this doubting is too rough!

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