Calls from the Past

Second Edition Now Available!

This collection of poems describes events that have taken place during the author’s life. The first group of autobiographical poems includes the author’s experiences as a refugee in Austria and Hungary, his move to England, and his schooldays and holidays. The second section provides some insights into the author’s feelings for his beloved wife, Tessa.

There are a number of poems that are intended to make the reader laugh at some of the absurd things that we take for granted. A few poems refer to the difficulties that some children have in trying to understand mathematics because of the way that it is taught, and give examples of fun ways of teaching it.

Finally, there are poems that aim to make the reader think more deeply about the world in which we live; the beauty of the ever-changing seasons; reason and spirit; the meaning of life, hearing God’s voice, and walking with God. (From back cover)

New ISBN: 1-84426-190-5

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