I Will tell You Algebra Stories You Have Never Heard Before

In this work, Zoltan Paul Dienes enlivens the world of algebra and examines some of the mysteries of mathematical constructions in a new and exciting fashion. Step by step, equation by equation, diagram by diagram, he strips away all the unintelligible jargon and brings each task and problem to life.

If algebra lessons were viewed with dread at school, this is the book to make you reconsider. The informal style, clear diagrams and comprehensive explanations make understanding easy, while innovative games ind intruiging puzzles ensure that learning is no longer a chore but a pleasure.

Although predominantly aimed at those with basic algebra skills, beginners and experts alike will find much to interest to test them.

Do not order the version by Minerva Press. It is out of print.
Order the one from Upfront Publishing.
New ISBN: 1 84426 191 3

Order it from Canada

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